Hi! I’m Faye, although most of my friends call me Birdie! I first fell in love with birds when I was very young. My grandmother gave me a bird watching book for Christmas along with a pair of binoculars. At the time, she was just hoping to encourage an appreciation for nature (and maybe get a few moments of quiet during our weekends together), but that simple gift sparked a lifetime interest in bird care.

My first bird was a budgie named Paulie that I taught to wave, fetch and whistle my favorite tunes. Since then, I’ve reared, tamed and trained cockatoos, finches, macaws, lovebirds, canaries, parrots and more! I guess you could say that at some point I have taken almost every kind of bird under my wing.

Right now, my home is filled with a steady stream of chirps, chatter and whistles from my Conure named Red Beard who was a rescue that I re-homed and my Quaker named Sir Kindred, who is still young enough to need quite a bit of guidance regarding proper birdie behavior. I’m helping a friend with her Macaw named Georgie Porgie. He’s pictured here. You’ll probably hear about them all from time to time as I share my tips and tricks for bird rearing. It seems they are always doing some new thing, and my bird stories have been overflowing lately.

My understanding of birds comes from a hodgepodge of different experiences and training. During my college years, I studied ornithology, and I worked by way up from tending birds in pet stores to working in my community’s aviary caring for the birds and giving educational tours to families and schoolchildren. Today, I enjoy volunteering my services to other bird lovers who need help learning how to tame their new pet and educating others about proper health care and nutrition for birds.

In my neighborhood, I am known as “The Bird Lady,” and I love showing off the tricks I have trained my pets to do. I can also still spend hours on my porch swing with a pair of binoculars in awe of the beauty that is inspired by our feathered friends. I look forward to sharing my insight into these majestic creatures and can’t wait to hear about your experiences, too.